Kerra Downey

Kerra DowneyMy name is Kerra Downey, I am doing my practicum for the Peak Performance Plus Program.

I became interested in the program as I discovered my son’s challenges with ADD and ADHD. He was diagnosed this year. Through the program he has been able to increase his level of confidence and security, as well as being able to navigate life at school and day care without medication! I am very excited to continue to work in this field with both children and adults. I have also seen how the Peak Performance Plus tools are so important all the way though life.

As an example of one of the tools that I used with my son lately. I had been telling my almost seven year old son about the happy dial, explaining to him how he can turn up this dial to increase happiness and confidence when needed, he said a few times ” I don’t really understand mom”.

Later that day, when we were just about to get out of our car at a mall, a young man came sauntering along singing and happy as can be, he did not see us until he was getting into the car next to us. He then looked at us and waved with a great big smile. My son said “Wow mom, I think that guy needs to turn down his happy dial”.

My son got it then and has been very successfully using the happy dial ever since. The Peak Performance Tools are simple and they work. They have been hugely successful in our lives!