Ariadne Sawyer, MA

Performance Plus Coach and Trainer Ariadne Sawyer, MA, CP has spent the last twelve years doing research on the brain and human behavior. She has adapted the Peak Performance Plus Program to successfully meet the needs of individuals, organizations, governments and businesses. 

She has worked with the:

  • Canadian Federal Government
  • The British Columbia Government
  • Private Companies
  • The Film Industry (British Columbia)
  • The Film Industry (United States)
  • First Nations People
  • Youth
  • Sports

Ariadne has done online Performance Plus Coaching with trainees from England, France, Canada and the United States for the last two years.

Ariadne has used the Performance Plus tools in The Brain Power Tool Kit for Entrepreneurs, a program for Yes Canada!

She has received the Award of Excellence given by McLean-Hunter for the Brain Bulletin Series.

Ariadne publishes an electronic newsletter called: Ariadne�s Performance Plus Newsletter along with Performance Plus Tips which are sent to all the participating trainees.

Ariadne co-hosts a weekly radio program on CFRO 102.7 FM, which has been on the air for the past two years. The Performance Plus Mini Course has been presented on the show with astounding success.

She has two electronic courses available soon on the Internet. Performance Plus Level One and the Performance Plus Diplomacy Course.

Ariadne has worked with trainees from Europe, the US and across Canada.

A trainee who took the Performance Plus Program said: “Excellence becomes a way of life.”