Performance Plus Coaching for Businesses:

  • “My Peak Performance Plus team saved our company from bankruptcy.” Ronald Penn, CEO
  •  “For the first time, I was able to excel at work and not get caught up in my anger.” Larry, Government worker.
  • “I can”t believe what the Reputation Management program did for me. I was able to pick the job I wanted!” “My boss noticed a huge difference.” Rhonda M. Executive secretary.

Performance Plus Training for Athletes:

  • “Thanks to Ariadne”s mental coaching program, I was able to win five out of six races.” Dan, runner.
  •  “My tennis game improved by 70% with the Peak Performance Plus Program”.  Anna, tennis pro.
  • “Ariadne used the training program with my two horses and I to ensure that we were short listed for the Olympics. It worked really well for us”  Lynn T. Equestrian

Performance Plus Creativity:

  • “Ariadne’s coaching helped me to reach my deadline of six new songs by a certain date. I had been having trouble completing and her mental tools opened the way for me to be successful again!” Bob C. Musician and songwriter.
  • “I was able to enter a new style of painting thanks to Ariadne’s coaching. Now I am happy with my work and selling more of my work than ever before.” “The Performance Plus Program helped me to break through my solid brick wall writers block. Thank you!”

Performance Plus Wellness:

  • “The Performance Plus coaching program helped me to walk again. Today, I am helping others with movement.” Pauline M. France.
  • “I had cancer and With Ariadne’s support was able to be an assertive patient and take charge. Three years later, I am now fine. This program worked for me.” Ellen N. Librarian.
  • “I had a bad stroke and lost my ability to speak and to do Mathematics. Thanks to Ariadne’s program I learned to sing the words and also my mathematic ability came back to me when I sang mathematic tables over a period of several months. This has meant a lot to me since I used to teach Mathematics. Ariadne taught my wife to be my home coach. I would like to thank both of them for giving me back my voice and abilities.” Thomas H. Retired Mathematician.

Bully Proofing For Children:

  • “JW Brain helped me not to be afraid of bullies. I can handle them better.” Randy, age 8
  • “When I go to school, I turn up my confidence account and know that I can now get through the day.” Alice, age 10

Bully Proofing for Teens:

  • “After going through the bully proofing program, I realize that bullies try to have power over your mind first. If you know how a bully thinks, you can find ways not to be bullied. I used to hate bullies but now I almost feel sorry for them and wish that they could change.”  Tim C. age 13.
  • “Bullies have disappeared from my life now. Unfortunately I am afraid that they have found others to pick on”.  Angela, age 15.

Create Your Personal Learning Strategy:

  • “Ariadne worked with me when I was seven and could not read or write. She taught me how to discover the way I learned best. Now I am graduating from school with an A average, thanks to her personalized program. She keeps designing the program until it is was successful and never gave up on me.” David Pitman, student.
  • “I learned to overcome my fear of tests and was able to do well in school.” Rhonda G. Grade nine.

Performance Plus for Retirees:

  • “After retiring, I thought my life was over until my wife gave me my own personal coach (Ariadne) for a Christmas present! The coaching opened a whole new career and life for me. It was the best Christmas present I ever had!” Don, retired civil servant.
  • “Take Ariadne’s coaching and enjoy your retirement! It saved me from taking to the bottle” Shirley, social worker.