Coaching Plans and Fees

There are four plans to choose from depending on your individual needs.

Plan A – One thirty minute session: $40.00

Plan B – Two thirty minute sessions: $75.00

Plan C – Four thirty-minute sessions: $140.00

If you sign up for any of the above plans, you will receive a free fifteen-minute session at the end of each plan.

  1. Select a training plan
  2. Pick one of the coaching areas or write in your own ideas
  3. Sign up for coaching in the website. Specify the plan of your choice.
  4. E-mail your goals and brief background information to your coach.
  5. Your coach will respond within twenty-four hours.

You can pick the plan you want. Hour sessions are available at $80.00 per hour and are recommended in certain circumstances.

You can choose which medium – or medium combination that you want:

  • E-mail
  • Instant messenger
  • Phone.

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