According to American statistics, 78% of children have been bullied at some point in their lives. Statistics Canada estimates that a Canadian child is bullied every five minutes. The short and long effects of bullying can greatly diminish self esteem and the trauma can remain for many years, perhaps a lifetime. For bullies, there are also terrible side effects. Bullies have up to five times the probability of having a criminal record and the additional possibility of passing on the bullying behavior to their own children when they become adults.

It is imperative that the goal of bully free zones for children, families, schools and communities be reached.

To achieve this goal there are two programs to provide information, strategies, one on one coaching and on-line support.

  • Special rates are available for schools and groups.
  • Parents and teachers are welcome.

Welcome to J. W. Brain’s Bully Proofing Program for ages 6-12.

“Hello, I am J. W. Brain, a brain with an attitude against bullying. My J.W. Brain Bully Proofing Program will help you to bully proof yourself, create bully free zones in your home, school and community. It is a step by step approach to provide you with the information, brain tools and strategies to keep yourself bully free.”

For more information and a free J.W. Brain Bully Proofing E-Mail Tip. contact Ariadne.

“I like to visit J.W Brain each week. He helps me stop bullying people.”
— Ron D. age 11

“I am bully free now and I hope to stay that way. The bully proofing program works for me.”
— Anna, age 9

Teens Bully Proofing Program

Use the Peak Performance Skills of World Class Athletes to protect yourself from bullies. This program provides training for you to access your potential and achieve your best. It is one of the most effective training series available. For more information, send an e-mail.

“The Peak Performance Plus Skills helped me to survive each day and to achieve some of my personal goals also. The support and training helped me to go from a bullied person to a person that is confident and able to move ahead.”
— Bob M. age 15, Toronto, Ontario