Coaching for Aspergers

Asperger Syndrome (AS) is an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Autism Spectrum Disorders are neurological conditions characterized by widespread differences and difficulties with social interactions and communication. They are usually accompanied by severely restricted interests, often held to an extreme degree, and by highly repetitive behaviour.

The reason the word Spectrum is used is that these disorders cover a wide spectrum of signs, symptoms and ability to function. People with classic or Kanner’s Autism display severely restricted abilities to function and communicate. People with AS or High Functioning Autism (HFA) have a much greater ability to function and communicate. There are a number of disorders on the spectrum.

Some of the characteristics of people with AS are:

  • Communication problems
  • Social difficulties
  • Very narrow interests
  • Repetitive Behaviors
  • Empathy challenges
  • Limited abilities in understanding other views.
  • Low confidence or false high confidence.

In working with a number of people with AS, their partners and families over the years, I have found that the Peak Performance Plus Skill program is very successful. It teaches useful and maintainable skills which can be adapted to meet each person�s unique needs.

Adult Peak Performance Plus AS Program is the most popular program. It is a Level 1, 12 week program with phone and e-mail support, which includes:

  • Achieving Success in the Workplace
  • Life Skills for Work and Home
  • Maintaining Strengths and Working with Challenges effectively

Youth Peak Performance Plus AS Program is a Level 1, 12 week program with phone and e-mail support, which includes:

  • Emerging from Loneliness
  • Enhance Strengths
  • Detour around difficulties
  • School, home and social interactions

Children’s AS Program

A fun, interactive program that provides social interaction skills, coping skills and structured step by step activities. J.W. Brain (see Bully-Proofing) has been used effectively with AS children. Parent/caregiver home coaches are welcome.

Families and Partners

Learn skills for interacting with you AS partner, parent teen or child. A weekly program with e-mail support and phone coaching support designed to meet your individual needs.

Businesses, non-profit Organizations, Employers

Presentations, seminars and programs, developed by Ariadne Sawyer and Chris McIntosh, are available for organizations seeking for positive and constructive ways to maximize the potential of their AS employees.

Does your organization have 100 or more employees? Even with less than this number of employees, chances are good that you, your suppliers, or your customer organizations employ one or more AS staff. You or your HR department can benefit from learning effective ways of relating to AS employees in ways that are proven and effective.

See how by requesting a presentation.

Information and Resource Package for adults with AS for the Greater Victoria Area. To view this package, developed by Chris McIntosh, click here.